How to stop waiting each other and start working

“Depend less on each other”

How to improve performance in the teams. If your work depends on your colleague input there are good chances that you will spend time waiting for it. Choosing prices of work so that they will be loosely dependent on each other is important to keep development at full speed. Read here. (3 min)

Below is also research about Google’s code base in a single repository. It sounds as a strange idea until you realize it has advantages of letting people be less dependent on each others’ input. Everything is visible, re-usable and you can make changes for any code and it’s dependencies by yourself.

Main take-aways:

  • Simplified organization
  • Simplified dependency management
  • Tooling is more simple
  • Cross-project changes are easier

Read deeper overview  (2 min) and the original article (10 min).